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10 Tips for Effective Mattress Care


Let’s face the truth; mattresses may be affordable at times, but they don’t come cheap. Therefore, as a smart consumer, you need to make sure that every dollar you spend counts. If you want to make sure that your investment is protected and that your money doesn’t go to waste, you need to start taking care of your bed.

Here are ten tips you can implement to protect your bedroom investment for years to come.


1. Flip It From Time to Time

If you tend to sleep at one spot every night, your mattress may start having your body’s impression imprinted on it. This usually happens in the case of uneven wear on the coil springs or foam and can cause discomfort for sleepers.

If you want to avoid this issue, you should turn your mattress often. If it’s new, you should turn it every two weeks during the first three months.

2. Invest in a Washable Pad

In addition to being an eye sore, stains have the power to invalidate your warranty. If you can’t sleep on a plastic wrapped mattress or are prone to creating stains wherever you go, you need to get a pad. Choose a washable one so that you can easily keep the pad clean.

3. Go for a Box Spring or a Bed Frame

If you want your mattress to be durable and completely supportive on the long run, you may need to buy and install a box spring or a bed frame. The first acts as a foundation while the second provides a rigid center support. Regardless, both of these will ensure that the shape of your bed remains the same as it was the day you bought it.

4. Let It Breathe Every Week

Remove your linen every week for a few hours to give it the chance to breathe. There are also special ventilators available where you can allow fresh air to move through the mattress and keep it hygienic and dry. With these, you will be able to fight your allergies and enjoy a better, healthier snooze.

5. Be Selective of Your Bed Sheets and Linen

Though you may go for soft and stylish looking bed sheets, you need to also make sure that what you place across your mattress can protect it. For example, if you’re more into fitted sheets, you should make sure that they fit the entire bed. Also, go for deep pocket sheets if you’re using a thick or pillow top bed.

6. Don’t Tear Out the Tags

Though you won’t be going to jail for tearing these out, you shouldn’t. This is because they come with vital information on how you can clean and care for it. Besides, some companies will consider your warranty invalid if you remove this tag. So, let it be and cover it with a nice bed sheet to hide it from your sight.

7. Be Gentle While Moving

Don’t bend, fold or drop your mattress, especially if it’s a coil mattress. Doing so may affect the border wire, which is meant to be kept straight. Also, you shouldn’t use the handles on the sides to lift it. These aren’t made to bear the full weight of the mattress so you may end up tearing them out.

So, if you need to move, use your user’s manual for guidance or get professional help right away.

8. Don’t Dry Clean or Wash

Dry cleaning contains harmful chemicals that can affect your mattress’ quality and durability. On the other hand, washing it will allow moisture to thrive in its stuffing and cause molds and allergens to roam free.

This is why protecting your mattress is always a better option. However, in case a stain forms on your mattress, use a mild detergent with cold water to dampen a piece of cloth, rub the stain well, and make sure to dry it quickly.

9. Protect Your Air Mattress from Sharp Objects

If you’re using an air bed, you should obviously be very wary of what you put on your bed. Sharp objects can create holes in your mattress and flush every cent you paid for it down the drain. So, keep everything on your side tables and at a fair distance.

10. Protect Your Mattress

You will need to vacuum your mattress once a year and ensure that it’s always clean and dry. You should also try to coax your pets off your bed and into their own because they’re bound to leave stains, fill it with saliva, and infest it with bugs and other nasty micro-organisms.

In addition, tell your kids not to jump on the mattress since roughhousing it can damage its foam or coils and reduce its life.

Remember these tips to guarantee a long life and protect the money you invested in it.

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