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7 Myths About Memory Foam Mattresses


There is a lot of confusion, myths and problems when it comes to memory foam and mattresses made of it. Also, there are some rumors that have made some people avoid buying memory foam mattresses. We wanted to see are they true or just some (false) myths. So we decided to test each and every one of them.

Memory foam mattress

1. Mattress unables you to turn in sleep
This is not the case. A memory foam mattress encourages the sleepers to remain motionless. That doesn’t mean it unables them to roll over in sleep. So, you actually sleep less disturbed.

2. Memory foam mattresses are too expensive
High cost seems to be the number one issue that holds some buyers back from purchasing memory foam beds. But in recent years, many manufacturers have begun producing memory foam, so the prices dropped. However, you should be aware that a memory foam

However, you should be aware that a memory foam mattress is not a commodity and it’s not for everyone … But if we compare memory foam mattresses with standard mattresses and their quality/price ratio, we can for sure say memory foam wins.  You May Like to Read: Best pillow Speaker 

3. Tempur-pedic is the only real memory foam
False. As you may read here – memory foam is developed by NASA. When they released the patent to the public domain, Tempur-pedic’s parent company was one of the few companies to start working with foam. That doesn’t mean they are the only, or the best, that just means they are the first.

4. Memory foam mattresses are too hot
Due to the denseness of the foam, the mattresses tend to become very hot during sleep. However, this is a problem that many producers have resolved. Either by using breathable covers/toppers or even breathable foams.

5. Memory foam is flammable
True. Polyurethane used in memory foams CAN indeed be flammable. But the same goes for all other mattresses, which are also made from a polyurethane. However, all mattresses are resistant to open flame.

6. Memory foam mattresses smell
Yes. But when they’re brand new. After a decent period and after airing the room, the odor disappears. It`s a period of so-called off gassing. This is just a minor side effect of the materials used.  You May Like to Read: Best Bed Bug Mattress Protector 

7. Memory foam and latex foam are same
False. There is a huge difference between latex foam and memory foam. Latex foams are made from rubber and memory foam are made from polyurethane, using the state of the art technology. Having said that, they’re absolutely not the same!

Take a look at our foam and mattress buying guide. Also, you can find a lot of mattress reviews here. Compare manufacturers and their products.

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