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A Cheap Mattress Is A Risky Endeavor


No one likes to spend more money than they have to. Not even the people who have plenty of it to spare. But proper and healthy sleep is worth your financial investment. Your waking hours are more productive and happier when you get good nights of sleep.

You will add more quality years to your life by ensuring healthy sleep. So don’t make finding a cheap mattress set your priority. Instead of cheap look for quality.

Just like anyone else, when you see an advertisement for cheap mattresses for sale, you might get very excited. Before you run out to the sale or tell your friends about a great deal you’re going to get, do the appropriate research.


What kind of mattresses are they?

Who is the manufacturer?

Are they guarantees on the mattresses?

Do mattress reviews align with what you’re looking for in a night’s sleep?

How long can you expect these mattresses to last?

Be especially wary of buying cheap mattresses online, since you won’t get to test them out even for the first minutes of their lives. Let’s take a quick glance at problems that may arise among different kinds of mattresses.

Memory foam is a rising fad in the mattress world, and for good reason. Many people have great sleep experiences on memory foam. Quality mattresses relieve pressure and mold to support your individual body.

A cheap memory foam mattress may do that as well, but only for a short time. Cheap versions usually have lower density and are not as thick; even if initially they are comfortable, they quickly become less so.

Futons are generally less expensive than a full bed mattress, as they are constructed with less form and supportive structure. That’s understandable.

Yet a cheap futon mattress will often lose its shape and firmness before the year is out. It will feel like you’re sleeping directly on the wooden slats beneath…making the money you saved laughable next to the chiropractor’s bill you’ve racked up.

You might think that your child’s crib doesn’t need the highest quality of the mattress. You’re right, it doesn’t. But it does need a decent quality.

Even if he or she only uses the crib for two years, those years are formative and important. Especially if you will use the bed for future children, shy away from that incredibly cheap crib mattress.

Of course, I will grant that there is a different between high quality discounted mattresses and just any cheap bed mattress. If the manufacturer is highly acclaimed, and you’ve found a great deal at a discounted or warehouse, then definitely take advantage!

Don’t lose the opportunity for real value. Do remember, however: dirt cheap mattresses whose prices seem too good to be true…often are.

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