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Are Organic Crib Mattresses Worth It? An Expensive, but Good Choice


Organic crib mattresses are a growing trend with parents that are trying to achieve a more natural lifestyle without the potentially harmful toxins and chemicals that found in traditional and mainstream products.

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There are many brands of organic crib mattresses available that range from expensive to affordable. Parents on a budget are still able to get this good experience, as organic crib mattresses can be purchased from big box stores for around a hundred dollars, or even through online retailers like Amazon at fifty percent less than baby boutiques found in the local area.

Even though organic crib mattresses are becoming more affordable, they are still as much as fifty percent higher than traditional crib mattresses. As the price is higher, many parents wonder whether the price is worth the benefits that come with an organic crib mattress.

Are organic crib mattresses really worth it?

They are manufactured using textiles and components that contain none of the harmful chemicals and toxins that are found in traditional crib mattresses. This means that things like formaldehyde and flame retardant chemicals aren’t going to be found in the bed.

Natural components are used in the place of these traditional chemical laden textiles and can help to reduce allergens in the mattress, decrease the risk of SIDS and create a healthier sleeping environment where the infant is not inhaling the potential toxins, as well as coming into contact with the toxins through their delicate skin.

Organic crib mattresses ensure that the parent is going to create the healthiest environment for their child. The chemicals that are found in traditional crib mattresses have been associated with increased risks for illness and disease, increased chances of the child developing allergies (especially with a family history of allergies) and increased risk of SIDS.

Since organic crib mattresses are becoming more affordable, mainstream and available from leading brands, parents are now able to consider the factors when making the decision whether an organic crib mattress is worth it for their family.

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