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Benefits of Having a Makeup Vanity Table in Your Bedroom


If you are thinking about buying a makeup vanity, then I must say that I think you’ve got a great idea there. Having a place to put your makeup on every day that is just your own is a great thing for a lot of reasons.

For one, you don’t have to worry about everyone getting into your things. If you get yourself made up in the bathroom, then you are sure to find that your teenage daughter is borrowing your lipstick, your 8 years old has used your powder sponge to clean up some spilled mouthwash, and that nothing is ever where you thought that you left it. If you have a vanity table, that is your place, and nobody will accidentally use your things.


Besides keeping your things to yourself, a makeup vanity can help you be much more organized with your makeup and can actually save you quite a bit of time every morning.

You can opt for a vanity that has a lot of drawers and a nice large counter top and you can make sure that everything is set out in a way that gives you easy access to the things you use every day.

You can keep your brushes in little baskets on the counter and store your eye shadow palettes neatly in the drawers. Having a place for everything means that you won’t need to spend time looking for something because you will know just where it out to be. If you have a large enough space then you can get an infrared sauna that will help you flushing toxins from your body in a great way.

Another benefit of having a vanity table is that it really adds a lot to a room. It is such a beautiful, feminine piece of furniture, and it lends an air of romance. It can really be a beautiful centerpiece in your bedroom, so make sure to look for one that is not just functional but beautiful as well.

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