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Best Bed Bug Mattress Protectors: Guide & Review


Having a bedbug infested bed is one of the most uncomfortable things you might have to face while you are in your house. If your bed is no longer hospitable for you due to bed bugs, then you are at the right place. You are very sure that what I am going to tell as well.

I am pretty much sure that you are tired of having sleepless nights because of bed bug attacks. These bed bugs make sure to bite you constantly when you decide to sleep. As the bugs mostly hide under the mattress, bed bug mattress protectors tend to be the best solution for you.

The reason behind this is that they are affordable and they have proven to offer a better solution compared to buying a new mattress. If you buy a new mattress it will offer you one-day solution. What next? These bed bugs will attack you repeatedly and will hamper your sleep as well. That’s why there comes Bed Bug Mattress Protector.

As you need a bed bug mattress protector, you also need to know how to identify and purchase the best bed bug mattress protectors

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We have gone over the salient points of buying a bed bug mattress protector, so now it’s time to check out the top sellers. I spent a lot of time going through the various city bikes and picked out only the best of the best.

Sleep Defense System – Waterproof / Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement

best bed bug mattress protectors

Having being made of 100% polyester, this mattress protector offers full defense against bedbugs. It is 100% waterproof mattress protector on all the sides as well.

This means that bed bugs stand no chance of biting through the material to feed off your blood. This zippered mattress protector will fit to any mattress depth starting from 12″ to 18″.

This protector is made of extra-soft 100% Polyester Knit fabric which will keep you cool and comfortable. The protector’s breathable waterproof membrane won’t trap heat while sleeping and will gift you a sound sleep.

Some of you guys may have asthma or problems due to allergens. This protector will take care of that too. When you will sleep, the protector will block the allergens and will help to ease Asthma and other Respiratory conditions.

While doing our research on this mattress protector, we were able to easily acquire this product at quite a fair price.

I can say that the product was able to pass all the tests that we subjected it to. This means that the product works very well in avoiding bed bug disturbances.

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SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement

SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement

Being highly preferred by people in the hotel and medical industry, we decided to sample this product which is available in sizes ranging from 9-12” deep.

This protector helps you to keep your mattress free from bed bug, dust, bacteria, germs etc. It is also waterproof and very comfortable to sleep on as it does not make you sweat. It is also breathable and noiseless. In short, it will never let you feel uncomfortable on the bed.

The fabric used to make this mattress cover is also very friendly to the user because it is easy to wash using hand or a washing machine without damaging it.

Further, the material is bite proof and therefore it protects you from being bitten by the bed bugs.
Looking at the zipper of this mattress protector, the sizes of its teeth are very small and therefore there is no chance of a bedbug getting out through the teeth.

With the help of so many researchers and my personal experience, I can assure you that SafeRest has created a better way to prevent and treat bed bugs.

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LUCID Encasement Mattress Protector – Guards Against Bed Bugs

LUCID Encasement Mattress Protector

This mattress protector works very well especially since it has changed it’s design by using very small zipper teeth to ensure that the bugs won’t get out.

Installing this protector on the mattress is very simple since the zipper opens and extends on three sides of the mattress.

The zipper is also strengthened by clippers at the end which ensures that the mattress protector cannot accidentally open while sleeping.

As for the material, it feels a little heavy, though it is very easy to clean since you can also use cold water on a machine.

The mattress protector is surrounded by a 100% waterproof barrier and the barrier guards it on all six sides against accidents, fluids, spills, and stains. So, this barrier prevents the germs and bed bugs to come. The waterproof membrane helps the air to pass through and ensure breathable comfort.

Therefore the materials used seem to be very durable and it is also water and bite proof. This cover also accommodates box spring and mattresses which have a thickness of up to 9”. Though this material has a little plastic feel but works very well.

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LINENSPA Zippered Bed Bug Proof Breathable Mattress Protector

LINENSPA Zippered Bed Bug Proof Breathable Mattress Protector

This non-vinyl mattress protector works very well and is available in different sizes including one for a queen sized mattress.

This mattress protector is made of a very soft and breathable fabric that is definitely very durable. The fabric has no plastic feel and does not produce any clicking sounds when sleeping. This means that this protector gives you a very comfortable feel as it is also bites and waterproof.

The fabric is also lightweight and fits very well in mattresses with up to 12”. As it is made of lightweight fabric and plenty of airflows, it preserves the level of your comfort. other than being waterproof, the material used on this protector is also water repellent.

A zip closure, the main thing behind the product being Bed Bug Protector. This zipped closure is very functional. It stops the liquids and bed bugs so that they can’t reach any surface of the mattress.

Since the product is not that much heavy, washing it is also very simple and suitable for machine washing. Its zipper also closes very nicely up to the end, where it is strengthened to avoid accidental opening. Its teeth are medium sized but there are no spaces left after you close it and hence you do not risk the bugs coming out of the mattress.

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Utopia Bedding Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement

Utopia Bedding Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement

Utopia Bedding Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement is expertly tailored using stretchable polyester material that has no vinyl or plastics in it.

These mattress protectors could fit very well on the mattress due to its stretching features. This enabled it to fit perfectly on a mattress which has a thickness of up to 15”.These protectors are also 100% waterproof on all the sides of the mattress as a result, a person stands no risk of being bitten by the bed bugs while using this product. These mattress cover could also fit a queen sized bed very well with dimensions of 60×80”.

Looking at the materials used, it goes without saying that there is no way a bed bug would bite through this protector. The Waterproof Mattress Encasement is mainly made with knitted polyester fabric which will provide you a perfect combination of protection and peaceful sleep. The synthetic polyester material is extra thick to ensure complete bed bug protection. The zipper also gives no mercy to the bed bugs as it is made with very small teeth that leave no space for them to go through. This mattress protector is also able to protect you from spillage.

If you have any worries about cleaning, you don’t need to do that anymore. You can hand wash it or in the machine using a mild detergent. Avoid using any detergent containing bleach. There is only one thing you need to make sure before washing is that your mattress protector should be unzipped with waterproof backing.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

If you want to acquire the best bed bug mattress protector then there are several things you need to consider before buying. The factors include:

Bed Bug Mattress Protector

1. Whether the mattress protector is bite-proof

As the protector is put over the mattress to close in the bed bugs so that they can’t bite, you need to ensure that the protector you are buying is bite-proof. This means that the bed bugs will not be able to bite you once you have covered your mattress with these protectors.

There are some of the mattress protectors available in the market which are not that much functional. The bed bugs are able to bit a person even after being covered by the mattress protector. This means that if you fail to choose the right one, you will not be well protected while using a protector that does not include the bite-proof factor in its design.

2. The zipper

  • Before buying, make sure that the zipper of your mattress protector has small teeth so that the bed bugs can’t enter into the interior through the gap of the teeth.
  • The pillow cases need to have a zipper just like the one on the mattress covers.
  • The zipper also needs to be fastened in a proper manner at the end to ensure that you do not accidentally open it while sleeping.
  • A good zipper system ensures that you can easily install it on your mattress and therefore it is very essential.
  • The zipper is the main thing which allows you to know whether a mattress protector will work for you or not. This is because the zipper should also be strong enough to withstand the pressure exerted by the mattress without having to open or to break down.
  • Its handle should be strong enough to close the mattress cover in a very simple but effective way.

3. Fabric

  • To prevent Bed Bugs, good mattress protectors are made using vinyl or polyurethane lined mattress
  • Vinyl covers are good but they force you to have a mattress pad on top. Because they will make you sweat a lot while sleeping and will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Vinyl covers are easier to clean and are very cheap.
  • Polyurethane lined covers are also very good as they are comfortable but they tend to be a bit expensive.

Other things to consider:

  • The fabric used in the mattress covers need to be waterproof.
  • You will also need to consider how durable a mattress protector is as you will not like to have a protector that won’t last long.
  • The ease to clean is another important factor that needs to be considered. You also need to know how a certain mattress protector requires to be washed.

Final Verdict

I hope from the above stated information, you have got all the answers of your queries. I believe that you have got an idea of best bed bug mattress protector by now. You can use this informative buyer’s guide to make an investment wisely.

Don’t delay. Buy yourself a bed bug mattress protector, protect yourself from those blood sucking vampires and enjoy a peaceful night.

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