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Best Bedtime Books for Toddlers


Reading with your children is crucial for their development. But how do you know which books are right for your child?

In this post, we will talk about the best bedtime books for toddlers and how to choose the best for your kids.

Top Bedtime Books for Kids:

Best Bedtime Books for ToddlersThe Going to Bed Book is the perfect book for your little one who isn’t quite ready for bed. It is tons of excitement in the special anniversary publication of a Sandra Boynton classic. The book is about different kind of animals of different shapes and sizes getting prepared for bed on a boat. The writer amazingly shows the dressing, bathing, brushing teeth and exercising together.  The illustrations are amazing and the rhythmic poetry is perfectly easy to read. Your kid will love the pictures. You will also love this book for reading at bedtime because it’s short in length and to the point.

If Animals Kissed Good NightIf Animals Kissed Good Night will be another sweet bedtime book for your beloved. This book described the story of how various animals say goodnight.  Your kids and also you will enjoy reading this book together and the kids also love to name of animals. Nice illustration, great rhythmic flow and tons of interesting animals makes this book much more attractive. It has 4.6 out of 5-star rating and also has 273 customer reviews on Amazon, it is number one best seller books of Amazon in Children’s parent’s Books category.

It’s Time to Sleep, My LoveIt’s Time to Sleep, My Love is a nice book for the parents who have ever tried to get their little one to sleep. This is a gorgeous and heartbreakingly beautiful book. It will become a classic with stunning artwork and truly loving story. There have been some critics they say, the language isn’t modern enough. But believe that your children require learning words in plenty of contexts, so they can read classics later. Hope you don’t have any problem with it. After all, the book provides a simple message: It’s time to sleep, my love. There is no better bedtime message to telling your beloved.

The Goodnight TrainThe Goodnight Train can be the best sleeping partner for those kids who love trains. It’s a fun and adventure about a train rocking them to sleep. The design is colorful, fun and interesting as well. The pictures show that the train passes through a lot of interesting places on its way to bedtime. If you look closely at the pictures then you can notice there are so many fun little things added in. One of the customers of this book says, it took him a few weeks or reading it nightly to really pay attention to what’s in the picture.

A Book of SleepA Book of Sleep is a picture book which is beautifully illustrated and it doesn’t need a single word or text to be entrancing. This is one of the amazing books, can delight your eyes at the very first page and can hold your concentration all the way. The writer shows various animals in nap from the perspective of an inquisitive. Your child can observe how different animals get ready for their bed. The book features some repetitive dialogue which children love. They also can learn about sleep habits they can play the “find owl ”game there.

365 Bedtime Stories & Rhymes365 Bedtime Stories & Rhymes comes with your favorite nursery rhyme. It is the bigger version of 365 Animal stories. The book offers a variety of classic and new materials, short rhymes, stories several pages long. Its illustration is pleasant and colorful without being too dazzling. It has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 on Amazon and also has 37 positive customer reviews, I can’t find any negative at all about this book. Overall it can be a good bedtime standby for you.

Time for BedTime for Bed is a darling bedtime story. So engaging will charm your youngster to charming dreams night after night.  Writers water colored illustrations depicting animals and their offspring are so exceptional. For instance, the mice are portrayed at the bottom of a hollow tree, and the fish are deep in the marine. The sweet, and easy text appears on the left surface of the book, while every mimicking expression begins with, “It’s time for bed” light and rhythmic, the strike is ideal for nighttime impression, “It’s time for bed, little sheep, little sheep, the whole wide world is going to sleep.” The book concludes with a Mommy tucking a child into bed

Disney Bedtime FavoritesDisney Bedtime Favorites is a great book for Disney lovers. This storybook collection comes with 19 stories like Finding Nemo, The Lion Kings, Cars 2, Toy Story 3 and over 250 illustrations. The characters and the books are well produced. You will love the art in this book. It is most wonderful than most kids books. There are many stories carry a little or no positive message. It can enrich your kid’s book collection. It has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 and 277 customer reviews while writing this overview and I can’t find any negative comment about this book. So it can be the best partner for your kid’s bedtime.

I hope you can make the right choice for your kids. But if you have confusion even now you can visit here to know how to choose the best bedtime books for toddlers.

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