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Best Outdoor Throw Pillows You’ll Love


They come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. They come in all colors and designs. They are comfortable and fun. In short, we’re talking here about outdoor throw pillows (also called “Toss Pillows”; either way, they are the same!).

So, What Are Toss Pillows?

Would you believe that there is even a Wikipedia entry on this? So, it must be good, and official. Throw pillows or Toss pillows are (small) decorative pillows. Usually very colorful, but they can also contain all kinds of different prints.

They can be abstract or “real life”. Meaning that you can use a print in shape or form, or even use a photo of your loved ones (how about a pillow with a photo of your child as a present for their Grandma!) The only real limit in what is available is your imagination. There will be a throw pillow for everyone’s taste, season, mood and situation. The fun part is that with using small accessories like throw pillow you can (re-)style your whole garden in a very simple, fast, cost-effective way, and creative way.

best throw pillow

Plus you can add your whole imagination and personality to it as well.

An “outdoor” throw pillow is simply a pillow that is used as decoration in the garden. It’s a handy and small pillow that you can literally throw into the corner of a sofa or chair. Hence the name.

The really nice thing is that with these accessories, you can brighten up your garden in an instant and for a few dollars change the whole look-and-feel of your favorite outdoor place (and of course indoors you can do the same). All this by simply changing the cover of your pillow.

Given that idea, you can even keep a set of pillow covers for all seasons. And if you’re really into it, you can have a set of pillow covers for your current mood.

Sizes, Shapes, Colors & Designs

Decorative pillows for outdoor use come in all shapes and sizes, as any other pillow would. There are a few considerations to make (if you want) before you buy the base pillow (the base pillow is the pillow without the colorful cover; usually a one-time investment):

  • What filling do you prefer: hard or soft, or something in between (there is also so-called “memory foam” read more about that here)
  • What shape & size: typically if you are suffering from (minor) back problems, a lumbar support pillow would be better. The most common size is 18 to 24 inches across. You need this size to make sure you can display a good solid color and or design. Otherwise, they really become too small and will look silly.
  • What quality are you looking for: it should be obvious that your pillows should stay indoors during the winter period, but quality matters here. Typically think about durability
  • What’s your budget: as with anything there are different prices for anything, including this

Tip: when buying your pillows, go for an odd number. This will add some casualness rather than making best outdoor pillowit too stiff. So go for 3 or 5 pillows per chair or couch. Don’t go for one pillow. It won’t look nice. On a chair it’s fine, but on a sofa, it is much better to go for an odd number. Otherwise, the one lonely pillow will look like it’s forgotten and is supposed to be somewhere else.

Tip II: you can even take a piece of the fabric (and or print and color) from your house curtains. This way your interior will stretch all the way to your garden.

Storing Your Pillows During Winter

OK, summer is gone, fall has passed, and you have enjoyed all outdoor seasons this year to the fullest. Now it’s time to clean up and prepare for winter. Where do you store your pillows and where do you store your covers?

Here are a few simple tips.

Take all your covers (really all) and wash them with a really good detergent (I won’t insult your intelligence and talk about how to wash and about separating colors). With a really good detergent, I mean a detergent that will bring back the original colors in the designs and prints of your pillow covers. So spend some money here.

The reason to wash all your pillow covers now is that there still might be some bugs or other creepy animals left behind from the outdoor season. If you wash them only when you take them out next year again, they might be damaged. So washing them at the highest possible temperature will ensure that your pillows are well preserved for the next season. The added benefit is you only have to take them out next year and use them straight away.

As for the base pillows: preferably store them inside. They’re made of fabric that will wear in the winter season if kept outside. Even in the garage. If your indoor storage space is limited, you can opt for one of those plastic vacuum storage options. This way you suck out most of the air of the pillow, minimizing its size and making it easy to store.

Before you do that, make sure you have properly cleaned your base pillows. You do this by hitting them hard (really) so all the dust comes out. After which you put them out in some bright sunlight to make sure you limit the number of “bed bugs”. This will help preserve the pillows best.

It’s a bit of work, but it is definitely worth the time investment.

Tip: if you’re using bright pillow covers, before putting them in your washing machine, put them in a bucket with water plus a good splash of vinegar. Leave them like this for a night or so. The vinegar will fixate the colors, so they won’t come off when you’re washing them in the machine.

Also Researched Top 10 Bestsellers on Amazon.com

The price you pay will largely depend on the quality of the earth tone color pillow material and the print you want to use. Then there are the brand names of course. For those brand name outdoor throw pillows, you will pay more, which is obvious. A few brand names are:

A few brand names are:

  • Pottery Barn
  • Brentwood
  • Own Modern

Next, to that, there are the big retailers like Sears, Macy’s and Kohl’s who will sell your favorite pillows for outdoor use.

Last but not least there is always DIY. Do It Yourself pillow making. In the other post, we will show you how to make an outdoor pillow real easy. We’ll even show you a way to make one without a sewing machine. Really!

Styling Your Throw Pillows

Have we forgotten something? Or would you have some creative or practical tip that you would want to share? Please do so in the comment section below. This way we all benefit and the fun gets even better.


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