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5 Best Pillow Speakers


Do you guys remember the sweetest memories we had with our mother?

I still remember those moments of my childhood when my mother used to sing for me and I got to sleep. I am sure many of you have the same memories with your mother.

Sleeping is very important for everyone. It keeps us refreshed and for better health, we need a good amount of sleep every day. But it’s not always easy. Sometimes we lie on the bed for a long time but we can’t sleep.

Pillow speakers are there to solve your problem. When we were a child, we used to hear music or song from our mother then why can’t we use it now? Pillow speakers are there to relive your childhood memories and without disturbing others you can enjoy music and sleep.

Choosing a suitable pillow speaker from hundreds of model is a difficult task, it also needs a lot of time. To save your time and making it easy to buy a good pillow speaker, in this post I’m going to review the best pillow speakers on the market.

C Crane Company PS2 SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker

best pillow speaker

The C Crane Company PS2 SoftSpeaker is the first pillow speaker which is designed not only to go under your pillow but also to sit right on your pillow closer to your ear. With the help of this, you can keep the volume really low so that you only can hear it without disturbing others. It is a high-quality pillow speaker which is encased in a soft, padded foam.

To enjoy some of the highest music and voice fidelity, you just need to plug pillow speaker into the headphone jack of any device and put the speaker on your pillow. Its frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The type of

Its frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The type of its speaker is mainly Neodymium-Ferrous-Boron. Also, a removable, washable soft cover is included with it.

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StillCool Pillow Speaker

StillCool Pillow Speaker

StillCool Pillow Speaker has one of smartest design in the market. It has got a very lightweight and easy to carry as well. Using this, you can listen to music sitting on your bed, dresser and even from bed when you are lying.

When you are lying on the bed and want to hear music, you just simply need to put it beside your pillow. And then plug it into your MP3 or whatever and listen without making any disturbance to others. It gives out beautiful music which helps you to sleep well.

It comes with a 3.5 mm plug and you can put it into most electronic devices like iPod, MP3, MP4, CD Players, radio etc.It has a super thickness of 12mm and is white in color.

It has got only a drawback that the sound coming out from it is very soft and not so loud as other players.

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1Voice Memory Foam Music Pillow with Built-in Speakers

1Voice Memory Foam Music Pillow with Built-in Speakers

This 1Voice Memory Foam Music Pillow is a great collection on our list. It’s sound quality is very high and you can enjoy a very good quality music using it. It comes with white in colour.

If you love to hear music at bed-time then this one is perfect for you to listen to your favorite songs. As it is a built-in speaker with the pillow, you only just need to plug it into your music devices and you are ready to go.

Its plug fits in almost every electronic devices. You will get memory foam with cotton cover with this pillow. The cover is soft and machine washable. If you really love to listen to songs in bed then you can’t ignore this built-in pillow speaker.

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Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker

Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker

The Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker is a unique combination for you to listen with great comfort and high audio quality. Its speakers are extra flat. And because of this, you can easily put it under your pillow or other convenient location to listen to your favorite tunes and music.

PS-300 has got a 2.25-inch speaker which is rated at 16 ohms. And 50mW of power is provided for full-range listening. The speaker case is only half an inch tall. So it slides easily into any pillowcase and serves a very good quality audio. PS-300 has a 6.5-foot cord which will be long enough to reach your audio or video device when you will be sitting on your end table, nightstand, or dresser.

Most of the audio devices can be plugged into PS-300 including iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, smartphone, radios, TVs, and much more. In fact, you can use it to any device having a 3.5mm headphone output jack.

It has got volume control system through which you can adjust your volume whenever needed. It also has an Amplifier system. If you turn the Amplifier setting on, you can easily turn up the volume to the next level. And when you keep the amplifier off, you can listen with privacy and save battery life.

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Sound Oasis SP-101 Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers

Sound Oasis SP-101 Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers

Sound Oasis SP-101 Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers has mainly two ultra-thin speakers that fit under your standard or king-sized pillow. Using it you can surround your head with sound for enhanced therapy and privacy.

It emits a high-quality stereo sound which so pleases the high-quality. Its plug is 3.5 mm which fits in most electronic devices including sound oasis sound therapy systems. This pillow speakers has a control system named In-line volume control which will allow you to change playback volume easily.

So, you can enjoy a very good quality music putting the speakers on the pillow and get to sleep.

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Play Music; Get Sound Sleep

bluetooth pillow speaker

We all need a very good sleep at night to maintain our health. We would love to get at least eight hours uninterrupted sleep at night. This eight hours sleep can make us feel refreshed and make us ready to fight the next day’s war. Even though we want to get it, it’s not always possible.

There may be many reasons behind it but one of the most common ones is having trouble to fall asleep. When we lie on the bed and keep your head on the pillow, we often feel so uncomfortable that we can’t sleep.

Pillow speaker is something that can really solve this problem. Music is the one and the only thing that can help us to clear your mind and give relaxation to our mind. And this relaxation drifts us to sleep.

To hear music, you can put a radio or music player besides your bed but there is much better thing waiting for you. You can enjoy sound when you go to sleep by using pillow speakers. There are so many advantages of pillow speaker what is convincing many people to use it.

  • Pillow speakers are actually put on the top of the pillow. Thus, the speakers remain so close to our ears that we can listen to music at low volume. And low volume music helps us to relax our mind and to sleep.
  • The quality of the music remains high even though the volume is low.
  • The most useful fact about this is that you can plug it with any of the music players and enjoy the music that suits with your mood at night.
  • People of any age starting from youngest children to older adults can get benefits by using pillow speakers.
  • The key benefit that you can get from pillow speaker is that it doesn’t disturb others. When you would sleep with pillow speakers only you could be able to hear it not your partner. So, it gives you total freedom to listen to your favorite songs without causing any disturbance to your partner.

Final Verdict:

I hope from the above information, you have got all the answers of your queries. And you have got to know about the features of the best pillow speakers as well. You can use this information to make a wise investment and buy yourself one of the best pillow speaker.

So don’t waste a single moment. Buy yourself a pillow speaker. Listen to high-quality music at night, get a sound sleep and relive your childhood.

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