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Best Vanity Chairs for Seating into Rooms with Limited Space


Vanity chairs are the ultimate way to organize seating into rooms with otherwise confined areas to sit. Probably the most general use of a vanity chair is coupled with a bedroom vanity.  Those chairs are a quality way to add an aspect of remedy to a room typically focused on function.

So what can you do to choose the right vanity chair?

Choosing a great one from hundred of design isn’t an easy task. That’s why we come up with the best vanity chairs on the market with complete buyer guide.

Top 3 Vanity Chares Comparison:

  • Hillsdale O'Malley Vanity Stool

  • Celtic-inspired design
  • Grey metallic finish
  • Dimensions 16 x 19.5 x 33.8 inches
  • Weight 10 pounds

  • Home Styles 5530-28 Naples Vanity Bench

  • Naples vanity bench
  • Made of hardwood solids
  • Dimensions 15 x 17 x 19 inches
  • Weight 14 pounds

  • Emerson Vanity Stool

  • Lovely traditional design
  • Rich golden bronze finish
  • Dimensions 34 x 17 x 6 inches
  • Weight 9.1 pounds

The Best Vanity Chairs

Product NamePriceOur Rating
Safavieh Mercer Collection Georgia Vanity Stool***4.0
Emerson Vanity Stool**4.6
Home Styles 5530-28 Naples Vanity Bench, White Finish**4.5
Hillsdale O'Malley Vanity Stool*4.4
Sparta Vanity Stool**3.9

Best Vanity Chair Reviewed:

Safavieh Mercer Collection Georgia Vanity Stool

best vanity chair

The Safavieh Mercer stools are one of the most lavish choices for the vanity stools for all. This beautiful pink vanity chair is the only best choice for the lavish women’s bedroom vanity chairs.

Its ivory finish and the fuchsia upholstery material will help you to provide a nice accent to your bedroom with ultimate comfort. You would just love its look and materials since it’s beautiful crafted or sturdy birch wood with the comfortable cotton upholstery made it a must in the list of best vanity chairs.

This vanity stool will perfectly match with any vanity table in your bedroom or even in the den or your personal study or library, wherever you wish to fit it in. This unique vanity stool needs no assembly so you won’t have to worry about that.

Just buy it, bring it at home and just place it at your desired place. A regular maintenance of this nice chair will ensure a durable beauty for a couple of upcoming years.

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Emerson Vanity Stool


The second product of our list is this simple vanity stool, it has a couple of reasons for being on this list.

Firstly you will know it by yourself just having a look at it and it will just amaze your eyes. This beautiful chair offers you a fashionable vanity stool with the ultimate comfort.

Its rich golden bronze finish just blends with any decoration of your home and the traditional design will bring a royal look to your home decor. This vanity bench has a comfortable seat which is made of high quality woven fabric.

Though you might need to take extra care of the bright and nice white color fabric to keep it clean and tidy, you will be really happy this beautiful vanity chair worth your care. You can use this beautiful vanity bench as a vanity stool or place it in any corner of your room and it will just match with it perfectly.

But personally, I would recommend making it a focus of your room and setting it in front of your vanity set or somewhere that catches the viewer’s eye. It will just reflect the royalty of your fashion sense.

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Home Styles 5530-28 Naples Vanity Bench

Home Styles 5530-28 Naples Vanity Bench

Another great product on this list is the Naples white vanity bench. This is such a beautiful white small bench that would be the most useful addition to your bedroom decor ever. You can use this small vanity stool for multi purposes.

You can use this little vanity bench to seat in front of your vanity mirror table or you can use this to sit on while you are attending your guest. This is a great vanity chair you can find in the market just because of its versatile use. This beautiful white bench comes with slightly flared legs and a cushioned seat.

It is made of cream vinyl which offers you a durable use and a comfortable seat at the same time. This chair can also be used while you are sitting in your garden to enjoy the soft breeze and having a cup of tea.

But as you know every beautiful thing needs to be taken care of, so you need to use it with care to keep it nice and tidy. It would best match with the cream color based home decor or a black & White based decoration and it is not recommended to match with a deep colorful background.

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Hillsdale O’Malley Vanity Stool

Hillsdale O'Malley Vanity Stool

Hillsdale brought to you a unique design vanity chair. You will just love it as soon as you see its shiny silver metallic finish and the traditional Celtic-inspired design. This vanity stool suit with bedroom with a stylish decor.

It will go perfectly with any color background whether it’s based on a light or deep color. So, you won’t worry about the matching issues for the interior. The metallic finish of the O’Malla will add an extra punch to your interior design.

It has a very comfortable seat and it is very portable so you can easily move it from here to there wherever you need to set it up with at any time. It can be used as a decorative vanity bench before your vanity table or can equally be used with the side table of your garden.

It is as much useful as beautiful and you will just love it. It is free of any extra arrangement and portable at the same time.

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Sparta Vanity Stool


The last product in our list is the Sparta Vanity Stool. This is the perfect recommendation for the people who loves traditional designed furniture in their home decor. This is an elaborated tradition design that comes with a modern touch of fashion.

This chair comes with the best combination of the traditional and modern design of the vanity stools. The cushion of this beautiful chair comes with a luxurious cream colored beige faux suede seat and it just makes it a rich and fashionable piece of vanity chair.

This stool is in our list not only for its luxurious design but also for its durable service as well. This beautiful piece of vanity stool is made of a durable metal frame which ensures you a durable use with the ultimate comfort of use.

You will love this chair since it will not affect the look of your interior anyways. Rather it will let your guests wonder with you extraordinary choice of an awesome combination of the traditional yet modern design of your furniture.

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About Vanity Chair:


Vanity stools and benches out of their typical context gave imaginative mind some room to breathe. These exquisite pieces of furniture did not have to be relegated to a private bathroom, or even bedroom.

Most of them would do wonderfully in an elegant entryway, perhaps framed by potted plants. Some seemed like they’d been built for a small patio or balcony area. Others could simply have been decorative pieces in the living and dining room corners.

Makeup vanity benches are more versatile than we tend to think. They are such unique pieces. They are so delicately constructed. A quality vanity and bench set is really a piece of art.

Why should it be shuttered off into a private room, when, in many cases, it can sit, gloriously appreciated, in a central place of the home?

Vanity tables might double as a quaint desk, or even as buffet furniture. Vanity mirrors can be hung over a table or even over a delicate bench. Perhaps it is time to take these beautiful pieces of furniture out. Bring the fairytale and the romance into the home.

Really, the only pieces that will feel supremely out of place are the ones decked out in frills, looking too much like lingerie, or the specifically constructed bathroom vanity benches that carry too much of a sterile, wet proof appearance.

If you find simple and elegant vanities, however, experiment with them in various places around the home. Separate those sets.

Have you a vanity table with mirror and bench?

Use the table in your dining room as a buffet piece. Hang the mirror above the bench and some potted flora in your entryway. See how it feels. Or perhaps that simple white vanity bench belongs on your front porch, framed with the greenery growing outdoors.

Really, there are more variations than we might think of off hand. It requires a little creativity and a little bit of daring, but break the vanity mold. You’ll feel inspired.

Make your way to the flea market yourself. Gaze for a few moments at the delightful vanity stool bench so out of place against a rusty gate and next to the Moroccan another home.

Where does it belong? What other home can you give it? Surprise yourself. Enjoy the experience.

Don’t want to spend money for vanity chair? Check the video to make your own DIY vanity chair:

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