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12 Common Dream Theme


You’ll probably forget 90 percent of your dreams ten minutes after waking up. Even if you only remember one dream, most people have multiple dreams throughout the night. According to a study published in Sleep and biological Rhythms, night owls tend to have more nightmares than early birds.
Here we listed twelve common dream theme:

1. Death: A big change or transformation on the horizon, for you or someone close to you.

Death Dream

2. Falling: A lack of control or insecurity in your life. It might also represent failure.

falling dream
3. Friends: Your own personality traits that you may not be aware of, or that need exploring.

friends dream
4. Sex: They’re not always about sexual attraction. Our subconscious sex partners have qualities that we want for ourselves.

sex dream
5. Flying: Freedom. So if you’re soaring, then you are inspired in life, Trouble flying? Your life path might be blocked.

flying dream
6. Paralysis: You might feel powerless during your waking hours.

sleep paralysis
7. Running: You want to escape from someone or something in the real life of achieving a goal. Running with power suggests motivation and success. Running in place means the opposite.

running dream

8. Teeth: confidence and strength. If your teeth are falling out, you could fear embarrassment, have low self-confidence, or feel stressed out or out of control.

teeth dream
9. Test/Exam day: Anxiety about difficulties in the life of failing at responsibilities.

exam day dream
10. Water: Your emotional side. The state of the water (cloudy, calm, etc.) will reveal emotions that you need to confront.

water dream
11. Nakedness: Vulnerability and exposure in a situation.

Nakedness dream
12. Pregnancy: Growth and or something new, such as projects, goals, or circumstances.

Pregnancy dream


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