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Best Deals For a Good Sleep

Best Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Before you search for the answer to the question “which one is the best mattress,” you must make a choice in the direction of one of the many manufacturers of accessories for sleep.

In order to opt for one or another brand, you should ask how much it deserves to consumer confidence.


The best mattresses – these are the products of well-known manufacturers, valuing their reputation and provide quality assurance for their products.

Of course, the brand will have to pay a bit more expensive than products for an unknown company, but for the money, you get a real quality product.

In addition, for this category of goods, such as mattresses, especially important is the quality of the product.

Many of us spend a third of our lifetime in misery with no good sleep, with the result that the other two-thirds of our life continues to be uncomfortable – a bad night without good sleep, resulting in feeling not refreshed enough and too tired to be active the whole day.

Are we not denying ourselves the feeling of total well-being that comes from uninterrupted sleep only because we are not attentive enough to the essential requisites for a good night’s sleep, viz, a mattress good enough to be comfortable and healthy in all aspects that helps us sleep better?

Essential requisites of a good mattress

Some guidelines from bestratedmattresssave.com to remember are:

  • Will the mattress be strong and stable – with inner springs and pocketed coils to make it firm?
  • Will the mattress be made of organic and natural fibers to eliminate any chance of pollutants or allergies occurring from it?
  • Will the mattress be soft enough, plush enough and still provide enough support to your spine and other parts of your body so as to allow you to relax and recoup when you are sleeping?
  • Will the mattress give you the best value for the money, time and effort you spend on buying it?

Choosing a mattress that is essential for good sleep can be a bit daunting and a confusing thing to decide.

What makes a good mattress is what is inside and not visible to the naked eye.

But how to be sure that quality components have been used to making the mattress? Need not to worry!

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Top Mattress Brands


There are a ton of mattress choices out there, if you are looking for a new mattress then you need to make sure you find the best mattress brand for yourself.

There are a ton of different mattress brands out there, we will review some of them for you here. But to be honest there is no such thing as the best brand because it is personal for each person. With that being said, the best-rated mattresses for overall comfort and Tempurpedic and Sleep Number.

Many consumers have done mattress reviews, and here we are going to be talking about the most popular/most likes mattress companies out there. The biggest surprise to us was that Serta was not included in this list. Here are the top mattress companies according to consumer reviews.



Simmons was one of the most popular brands mostly because they have a lot of different types of mattresses such as foam mattresses and chamber mattresses, they also offer a wide variety of discounts often.

This was also the first company to offer the different sizes such as king or queen. They were also to first to make the coil mattress. The funny thing people who voted this one the best mattress brand were the married couples.



Another company that has made a huge impact on the mattress industry is Sealy. The reason for this is because it was the first company to release a memory foam mattress such as the Posturepedic mattress.

This mattress was actually designed for the orthopedic surgeons but made its way to the public so consumers can buy it. It has very heavy duty coils and offers amazing back support.

If you are in a position where you have to share a bed with another person then this is not a good mattress for you. This mattress is best for people who are a bit heavier set.



Even though the Jamison company has not taken advantage of the new technologies available, they are still doing a great job with what they do. If you are looking for a coil mattress then this is the company you should go with because of their coil cooling system.

Out of all the coil mattresses, Jamison offers by far the most comfortable. We do recommend you shop around for a while before you purchase though because you can find Jamison mattresses for a great price if you take your time.



This is probably the most popular mattress brand out there and for good reason! Their mattresses have had some amazing reviews by the people who use them. When you lay on one of these mattresses you will notice it absorbs all your “pressure” points so it takes off a lot of pressure.

The only downside is these mattresses can tend to get a bit hot, but if comfort is what you are looking for it is hard to beat.

When looking for the best mattress brand, you need to decide what you want.  Some people want memory foam while others want coil.  Once you decide what you want then check out all the companies mentioned above and see if you can find a mattress that is right for you.

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