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Bedding For A Couple’s Master Bedroom


Peek into a little girl’s room and you might see shades of pink and lace and flowers. Look across the hall into the boy’s bedroom and you’ll find blue or green and maybe a sports theme. Children are shown very different choices in bedroom decor from an early age. Marry the little boy’s taste with that of the little girl and how do you decorate the master bedroom?

Luxury master bedroom

With these learned differences in taste, what is the best way to decorate a master bedroom and select bedding that appeals to both people? Rest assured that the dilemma has a great solution if the couple takes a little time and effort in shopping for the right bedding to please both of them. There are some great bedding designs on the market with a mix of masculine and feminine appeal.

The easiest way to begin the joint design effort for new bedding is to consult bedding catalogs. As you each home in on designs that you like, you may be surprised to discover some common ideas. For example, he might find the idea of a cozy comforter appealing while you like a quilt. You are already close enough together to begin some serious shopping.

Once you both agree on a budget, you can visit different stores that carry some lines that you like individually and as a team. Even if you insist on looking only at sheets that have lots of warmth and he insists on slipping between only cool sheets, you might find you two can agree on satin sheets that are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you both differ in your tastes and preferences for bedding, the result is like any other aspect of
marriage; some level of compromise is needed. But when it comes to bedding the choices can be fun and functional. You can blend textures, styles and fabrics and get a look that will satisfy both of you. You may find, for example, that a paisley print in shades of tan or maroon is something you can both easily agree on.

A duvet cover with matching sheets is a practical and economical way to decorate the bed. Everything that you need in the way of bed covering comes in one package. Many fine suppliers of bedding suitable for the master bedroom sell duvet sets.

Try to avoid leaving out one partner while decorating a bed. After all, the bedroom is the place where you share each other’s thoughts, feelings and more. Make sure you keep the bedroom an environment that encourages and supports each other’s tastes. Bedding that screams “I Am Woman” does not open up much room for a man to kick back and be himself. On the other hand, bedding that sports big grey squares and brown vertical lines may not get the lady in the mood to be herself.

Since you are looking for a common theme when you are decorating the master bedroom, try these pairs of words to see if any fits your ideas of what the master bedroom should be like: “toasty and comfy”, “wealthy and elegant”, “crisp and cool”, “fun and crazy”, “airy and free”, or “cheerful and loud.” For any colors or patterns that you see, check if they match what you are looking for as the mood for your master bedroom.

Consider these hints as you shop for the bedding that you need for your master bedroom. With all the designs available in bedding today, you should be able to find bedding that sets the right tone for you.

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