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Floor Mats For Child Friendly Flooring


Within a few short months of that first child being born, you’re going to feel astutely the need for safe and comfortable kids room at home.

Stone floors are cold, wood floors are high maintenance, and carpets get dirty so easily. You want to let that infant roll and crawl. You want to give your toddler a place to play, safe for him and for you! Interlocking floor mats for kids will solve every dilemma.


An interlocking foam mat is soft, safe, easy to clean, and even an entertainment center in itself for kids of all ages. When your infant is beginning to discover the world around him/her, she’ll be delighted to find fun figures, shapes, and numbers right beneath her nose.

The floor mat piece ahead just out of reach will encourage her to crawl, as well! You won’t have to worry that the floor is too cold, nor that she’ll bump her face or head in trying to roll over. Baby drool won’t bother you. Since foam floor mats are a cinch to clean, spit up or baby food spills won’t be a stressor either.

As the infant grows into a toddler, taking the mat pieces apart and putting them back together will be excellent for developing motor skills…as well as a lengthy distraction. If you have animal figures on your kid’s floor protector, she’ll be thrilled to see her favorite giraffe or cat. Learning their names and sounds will be everyday fun.

An Alphabet foam puzzle mat makes that foam floor mat educational and enjoyable for older children, as well. Your little boy will learn his ABC’s with greater ease. Making the alphabet part of his daily surrounding fun means that learning is enjoyable. Especially the alphabet.

Don’t underestimate a baby floor mattress. You might enjoy it as well. Rearranging a multicolored puzzle mat or spelling out words with the foam “tiles” calls on adult creativity, as well. Sitting down to play with your child will be something you can enjoy to the fullest.

When interlocking floor mats get dirty, just take them apart and rinse them off under the sink. Let them dry, and put them back together! For spot cleaning, you can use a wet rag or even baby wipes. If you want to wash, sweep, or vacuum the floor underneath your puzzle mat, simply lift it up; the whole thing at once!

Floor mats are lightweight and easy to move. But don’t worry; most foams are textured, so that they won’t slip out from under your child’s feet, either.

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