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Kids Bedroom Furniture: 3 Money Saving Rules


Buying a kids bedroom set is not cheap. In these modern times, furniture makers have learned that many parents are willing to splurge on clothes, shoes and kids bedroom furniture, and they are charging high prices as a result.

While there is no single “right” way for you to buy your child his or her bed and wardrobe, there are plenty of wrong ways which can cost you money. If you follow the following three rules when decorating your child’s bedroom, you should be able to save yourself thousands of dollars over the next decade as he or she grows up.


Rule #1.

Kids change their minds very often. Every time the Cartoon Channel changes their featured cartoon series, there will be new advertisements and merchandising. Every season, your child will have a new cartoon hero or heroine and will not only want new toys but will want his or her bedroom redecorated.

Every time Disney comes up with a new animated feature, the same thing will happen. If you do not want to buy your child a new bed and wardrobe every time he/she has a new interest or hobby, it is best that you pick children bedroom furniture with a plain and neutral design.

You want something that is reasonably cheap yet still tough enough for children’s use. It must also be easy to clean and decorate with stick-on decals. Beds and wardrobes made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a plastic veneer fit the bill perfectly.

Modern MDF is relatively cheap yet quite capable of lasting five years of casual use, even by a child. The plastic veneer is easy to clean, which is a plus. It is also easy to stick decals of various cartoons on, and reasonably easy to remove the decals when they are no longer wanted.

Rule #2.

Make sure you buy kids bedroom furniture that is slightly over-sized. Remember that your child is growing. Depending on his or her age, a growth spurt could add as much one foot of height in just a year.

Make sure the bed you buy is long enough to cater for two or three years worth of growth unless you want to buy your child a new bed every year. The wardrobe should also be over-sized. After all, your child’s clothes will also increase in both size and number, and the wardrobe will need to fit these in.

Rule #3.

Make sure to add extra storage bins and overhead cupboards. The extra storage bins are for your child’s toys. Younger children should not have shelves in their bedrooms. After all, they may have an accident while climbing the shelf.

Some of these occurrences are the parents’ fault. Too many parents have a habit of placing something their child wants to use on a shelf that is too high for him or her to reach, causing their child to climb the shelf. To avoid this sort of incident, stick to storage bins or chests that your child can always reach.

The overhead cupboards should be installed high up the walls above the normal line of sight of your child. When your child is young, these cupboards are for you to use for extra storage. When your child grows older and taller, he or she can use them for extra storage.

Buying a kid’s room’s furniture is expensive. There is no point complaining about it. However, if you follow the three rules set above, you can keep the furniture manufacturers from leading you around by the nose.

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