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Rest Well On Platform Beds


If you’ve never owned a platform bed, you may be wondering why they’re such a great piece of bedroom furniture.

The main difference between platform beds and other beds is that they do not have a box spring.  The single mattress lays on… you guessed it: a platform!


The platform is made of wooden slats or solid panels. Since that box spring is not necessary, platform beds actually provide more storage underneath than other beds. The platform can rest higher from the floor while the mattress remains at a remarkably comfortable height. Not only that, but they achieve a uniquely sleek, clean look.

Platform beds come with or without built in storage compartments. Platform beds with storage compartments built in, usually drawers, complete the smoothness of the look. The messiness of free drawers or containers is avoided.

Price differences will depend on the material your platform bed frame is made of, and its size. Metal will often be less expensive than wooden frames, but this also depends on the quality of wood and how decorative the design is.

Your cheap platform beds are generally a very basic frame with no headboard whatsoever, and no built in storage. These may be half the price of a typical twin size.

Believe it or not, you can even create your own platform bed plans. You can design the lines and looks, the storage options, perhaps even put in a trundle frame beneath. This will usually be less expensive than buying one at your local furniture business, but obviously requires skill or an adventurous streak. Build it yourself or have it built by specialists, the options are endless.

So, platform bed frames can be found and made in all styles and variations, just like traditional bed frames. Perhaps even more. Wooden bed frames or metal, a modern platform bed or a more traditional look; with or without headboards, and headboards of all kinds, storage or trundles underneath.

Want to Make Your Own Platform Bed? This Video Might Help You.

They even make canopy platform beds. Don’t limit yourself in your search for the appropriate bed for your room! A bed is a pivotal piece in your living space.

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