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Best Way to Sleep on a Plane


If it’s not actually an all night flight, it is wise to not try to sleep. Start out well-rested and plan to read books or magazine, play games, watch movies. If you sleep lightly off at some point as a result of sitting around, well.
But if you are on a 10-12 hour overnight flight, what happened??

Continue reading this post I will give you some useful tips.



  • Try to make it one that leaves at your starting point (late at night).
  • A snack should be served an hour and a half to two hours after taking off. You should Eat, drink well enough to keep away from dehydration. Try to avoiding alcohol, it will try to make your sleep worse, not better.
  • Go to the toilet half an hour after having a meal. While you wait, do stretch exercises in the passageway.
  • Take earplugs – you can have a loud child for hours, and the engine sound can be surprisingly conspicuous. Listening to music or watching movies masks it, but when you are trying to nap any noise can be disturbing.
  • An eye mask looks dumb, people play with the reading lights, open the shades or letting in daylight suddenly. It’s a horrifying awakening. Simple equation

     No mask = bad sleep.

  • Use a travel pillow- a travel pillow can make your journey more comfortable and different. It will help you to keep your head and neck to the right position. Allow you to rest comfortably
  • Take a sleeping pill (take half if you are not a lot of a drinker/drug user, or you are small), and read/ watch tv until you’re sleepy. Have mask and ear plugs handy so you can settle quickly and just take a nap.
  • Try to not put your seat too far back – it’s tiring on your back. You can doze more upright than you realize, and you will wake feeling better.
  • Surprise, you will awake about an hour previous to the next meal (they gradually turn the lights up, faking dawn – it works), with time to wash down and walk around (you can do this, every time you think of it). Your trip will then land about 1-2  hours following the meal.

What you think??

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